Clearing Pathways

EFT - Tapping for Self Healing

Why Use an EFT Practitioner?

EFT is a great self healing tool.  Your day-to-day life can be much more pleasant, tapping as you go.  Annoyed at traffic?  Improve your drive by tapping (use one hand only, please!) on “this annoying traffic” or “this road rage,” depending on how bad it really is.

Or if you wake up anxious, you can calm yourself and start off the day well by tapping on “this anxiety.”  If you stub your toe, get rid of that distracting pain by tapping on “this toe pain.”


But if you want to get rid of those deeper issues that interfere with your success and happiness, a skilled practitioner can be much more effective.  Here’s why:


If you have a PATTERN of being anxious every day, or mad all the time in traffic, using a practitioner can help you get rid of those patterns — those chronic problems. 

Or if you’ve been mad at your mom FOR A LONG TIME, a skilled practitioner can help you release that old anger so you’re not carrying that around anymore.  Wouldn’t that be a relief?


Sometimes we’re just too close to the issue.  A practitioner can offer a fresh, objective view to arrive at the best ways to use EFT to resolve your problem.


Through skill and experience, a practitioner can find the ROOT of the problem that’s showing up as a symptom — whether that symptom is fear, shame, guilt, anger, worry or another unwanted feeling.

By getting to the core issue, we can use EFT in its most effective ways and give you the results you’re looking for — freedom from emotional baggage.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  That’s plural.  There are many advanced techniques developed by EFT founder Gary Craig and other long-time practitioners and EFT Masters.  A good practitioner can use these more effective ways to help you accomplish your goals.


There are great ways to use EFT in such a way that you don’t have to re-live the discomfort that’s causing your crummy feelings today.  A seasoned practitioner can guide you through painful issues without you having to suffer.


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