“I was thrilled.  We went deeper than I expected, and the concerns we addressed seemed to dissipate pretty quickly. I’ve not had any more fear surrounding the issues. I’d recommend your services to anyone.”

–Becky W.

“Janet and I worked together both 1-on-1 and in one of her classes. When we began I knew almost nothing about EFT, so naturally it felt a little awkward. But she is such a gifted practitioner… gentle and kind in her approach… almost immediately I felt completely at ease with her. We worked on my issues and I can honestly tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the results. My life has literally been transformed! I can’t recall ANY time when I’ve ever felt happier. I highly recommend learning EFT from Janet. You’ll likely be amazed by your results!”

–Kerri M.

“I was very comfortable working with you. Your demeanor, while friendly was very professional. You put me at ease. I was satisfied and surprised at the outcome, unburdened, and uplifted.”

–Frank K.

“Last year I had uterine fibroids which required embolization to reduce their size. The procedure usually causes cramping severe enough to require morphine in the hospital and a narcotic like Percoset once you go home. A normal outcome is a 60-80% reduction in size of the fibroids. Before the procedure, Janet did EFT with me to reduce my anxiety and post-surgical pain, and to increase the percentage reduction of the fibroids. Her work with me was very successful on all three counts. I was stress-free going into the procedure, had no cramping from in the hospital, so no morphine needed there and no Percoset at home. There was some discomfort, but no pain requiring medication. The nurses were incredulous at my lack of pain, and I recovered in record time at home. A check-up three months later showed a 90% reduction in the size of the fibroids.”

–Carol H.

“What amazes me about EFT is that we worked together on some really old issues regarding my mom that would have cost thousand of dollars and possibly taken months, or even years, to work through with a traditional therapist… but through the use of EFT with you, Janet, those issues were completely wiped out within an hour… and we did it over the phone!”

–Piper M.

“I felt I could share personal information with you and that your approach, body language and distance were appropriate and soothing. The follow-up information was great. In this Internet age it makes sense that a practitioner would follow up with additional information. It felt like a personal touch that made the experience complete.”

–Sarah W.

“The most amazing thing about the sessions we’ve had is the way that, when there seems to be a barrier to moving forward, you immediately find a way to get around it.  Or if the emotional burden at the moment is too high, you gently defuse it to the point that we can move on through the issue to drop to an intensity level that I would never have thought was possible (0 out of 10, where we often started).”

–Craig H.

“Janet, I think you just have a way that helps one get comfortable. And you seem to be very intuitive. After our session, my anticipatory dreading feelings about Easter were alleviated and I was able to look forward to it. All in all, I really enjoyed the Easter weekend and everyone.”

–Sandy R.

“Janet’s approach to healing is so wonderfully different. Her focus is on GENTLY guiding us toward true love and compassion for ourselves. This unconditional friendliness, gentleness, respect and acceptance is very soothing to be near, and has a way of rubbing off on you. Its power in facilitating healing is immense. Janet teaches a variety of healing techniques, all VERY effective, but it is the way she delivers them that has the greatest impact of all. They become do-able for YOU. She inspires you. She helps you feel good about taking even the smallest steps.”

–Cheri M.

“I had a parent issue from 40 years ago I thought I’d resolved and forgiven a long time ago. But it showed up again in a situation with my significant other, making me a total basket case. In a phone session, Janet took me through the old family problem, and after starting at an emotional intensity of 8-9, brought it down to a 5, then down to a 0. What a relief!

Then we started on the relationship issue, which was way at the top (10), and worked on it for about 20 minutes. When she asked me to rate the intensity, I said “Just a minute,” while I dug around for emotional leftovers. It was WEIRD! I put off answering because I couldn’t believe there was nothing at all left of the emotions that had me crying just a short time before. I could go through the whole scenario, seeing everything that had happened, and it was like watching a nature show on PBS; interesting and educational, but nothing more.”

–Alex H.

“Janet has amazing intuition and ability to put me at ease in approaching any subject, no matter the discomfort or anxiety I may feel initially. Her lack of ego, enhanced by a great sense of humor, allows me to be much more honest with myself in dealing with longstanding issues I want to work on.”

–Sue B.

“Janet has a compassionate concern for the well being of others. She immediately puts one at ease while teaching; her manner is gentle and encouraging. Her consistently positive attitude is uplifting. Her instructions are very clear, making it easy for even a novice to participate. I have benefited physically, emotionally, and even spiritually from her instruction.”

–Marsha M.

“I was very comfortable with you. I think we hit on the correct cause/effect and within days I was well. Thank you Janet for being a tool in my recovery.”

–Barb N.