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Tapping Overwhelm – No More Issues, Please!

Do you ever feel like you’ve opened a Pandora’s box by starting to tap on your issues? Do you get discouraged when a new issue pops up? Here you were – excited to get rid of some old inner junk, only to uncover another layer or a related problem. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming – like this is going to go on forever. Like, what’s the point of clearing one thing if it’s just going to stir up something new?

Not Really New

In reality, your challenge isn’t new. Maybe it hasn’t been in the forefront of your consciousness for awhile, but it’s not new. It’s just that its priority in your psyche and energy system has shifted so now it has come to your attention.

The healing and clearing from tapping is a marvelous phenomenon. And sometimes that clearing reveals some issue that’s been hidden from view – maybe not forever, but for awhile anyway.

There were excellent reasons for that “new” issue to remain out of sight up til now. Here are some possibilities:

  • Maybe you didn’t have the inner strength to face it before.
  • Maybe you didn’t have the certainty that you could do anything about it. But now that you’ve had some tapping success, you know that healing is possible.
  • Maybe it’s too big to deal with on your own and until now you hadn’t found anyone to help you with it.

You can be sure of this: Your highest, wisest self takes really good care of you at all times. What’s the point of allowing an issue to surface if you aren’t able to do something about it? It makes sense that the issue would stay out of view, doesn’t it? So honor your self-protective skills for taking good care of your heart and spirit by revealing things to you in a sensible, timely way.

It’s Good News

Your “new” issue shows up now because it’s time for it to be healed. That’s GOOD news. It’s been my experience that problems reveal themselves at the perfect time on your healing path:

  • Time when you’ve already released other issues that could cause resistance to releasing this one.
  • Time when you’ve built a solid enough foundation to trust the process of tapping – you KNOW it works for you.
  • Time when you have inner strength enough to be the new person you’ll be without that problem.

By the time an issue shows up, it’s ready to go! It is SO ready to be released. Often these issues are eliminated really quickly once you start tapping on them. I hope you’ll start seeing new issues in a different and hopeful light. Maybe you could even welcome them – imagine the possibilities on the other side of letting them go!

And let us all know how it goes by leaving a comment here.

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6 Responses to “Tapping Overwhelm – No More Issues, Please!”

  1. Rod Sherwin says:

    And the other good news is that you do run out of past issues eventually. Remember, you’ve only been alive for a finite time.

    When you have clear most of the major stuff from the past you can become more future focused about what you want and how to move towards it. Celebrate each new issue as moving you closer to what you really want.

    When you start to focus on moving towards a goal, sure some old fears and issues may still come up, but you didn’t know they were there until you tested yourself against the goal. Setting and achieving goals is about who you become in achieving that goal and not so much about what it is you actually achieve.

  2. ChipEFT says:

    I agree with this to a point. You can go on forever finding more nad more of what is wrong with you. At some point you have to turn your attention to what you want and move in that direction.

    Nice job Janet.

  3. Janet says:

    Absolutely! And I love using tapping along with affirmations to boost the power of that positive direction.

  4. Janet says:

    Isn’t it nice that it really ISN’T a bottomless pit (LOL)? That’s a great perspective on working on goals being more about who you become than about what you do.

  5. JamesD says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  6. Janet says:

    Glad you’re finding it helpful, James. Hope it makes your tapping a little more positive for you, no matter what shows up!

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