Surgery Prep with EFT

Tapping before surgery can create some remarkable outcomes. With EFT, you can have a completely different experience in the hospital or outpatient facility, and expect a really terrific recovery.

- Dealing with Surgery Itself

First we’ll eliminate anxieties — about checking in, filling out all that paperwork, dealing with nurses and techs, anesthesia, and the procedure itself. While we’re at it, we’ll release any past crummy surgery experiences.

- Being in the Hospital

We’ll move on to clear any worries about the facility — sharing a room, that lovely food, coming out of anesthesia, dealing with visitors, dislike of hospitals — all that stuff.

- Going Home

Then we’ll release concerns about recovery: pain, swelling, getting help from others, reduced activity, how long it will take, etc.

- Terrific Results

If you’re like many people, after preparing with EFT, you’ll have a calm surgical experience and leave the hospital earlier than you would have otherwise. And you’re likely to have reduced pain and swelling, with a very speedy recovery. Clearing your issues with EFT allow your body’s own healing mechanisms to work with no barriers — full speed ahead!


“Last year I had uterine fibroids which required embolization to reduce their size. The procedure usually causes cramping severe enough to require morphine in the hospital and a narcotic like Percoset once you go home. A normal outcome is a 60-80% reduction in size of the fibroids. Before the procedure, Janet did EFT with me to reduce my anxiety and post-surgical pain, and to increase the percentage reduction of the fibroids. Her work with me was very successful on all three counts. I was stress-free going into the procedure, had NO expected cramping in the hospital, so no morphine needed there and no Percoset at home. There was some discomfort, but no pain requiring medication. The nurses were incredulous at my lack of pain, and I recovered in record time at home. A check-up three months later showed a 90% reduction in the size of the fibroids.”

–Carol H.

“Thank you so much, Janet. The knee replacement surgery went really well. I came home after 4 days and quit using the walker the day I got home. I haven’t used it since — I didn’t need it. I saw the doctor 10 days after surgery and I was hardly limping at all. He was blown away at how far ahead of schedule I was, as far as bending and walking. I asked him when I could start swimming, and he said, ‘Now — the wound is totally healed.’ When I told him I had climbed stairs without a walker he said, ‘You’re way ahead of the curve. I ought to show you off to these other patients!’ Compared to my last knee surgery, I was a lot less anxious going into the hospital — not nearly so apprehensive. The healing part is just extraordinary! It’s been a lot faster. And the pain has been really minimal compared to the last time. ”

–Joanne S.