Client Privacy & Confidentiality

You are entitled to total privacy regarding any interactions you have with me. I realize that EFT can result in intimate and very personal information being disclosed — even starting with your Client Application Form.

Your trusting me with this information is something I highly value. In return I’m committed to maintaining absolute confidentiality.

This means that no one will see your record but me. I will not disclose that you’ve had an appointment with me, been in a class or group, or even inquired about my services.

Personal referrals are terrific, and I really appreciate them. But rest assured that if you refer someone to me, they won’t hear anything about my work with you. And on the flip side, I won’t talk to you about whether or not they followed through with contacting me.

Thanks for your trust and confidence in me. It helps both of us by relaxing YOU so that we can get to your core concerns more quickly and get you on the road to feeling your best. And that saves you time and money!

Janet Hilts