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Everyday EFT - Tip #3: Tapping to change right now

Remember that last meeting when you struggled to pay attention? The lecture that bored you to tears?

How about listening to your lonely neighbor repeat the story for the seventh time? Have you bitten your tongue when your in-laws come to visit?

All of us encounter situations that make us uncomfortable — maybe frustrated, impatient, disinterested — you know what I’m talking about.

Well, the bad news is that if you let those pile up in your energy system, they can create big clusters of events that block the energy flow. That’s what’s behind your tense neck when you even THINK about going to a committee meeting. Or the migraine you feel coming on as you write what’s-his-name’s visit on your calendar.

The good news is that you can use EFT to clear those blocks before they even lodge in your system!

Here’s how you do it:

No need to do a setup statement. No need to even say anything.  You’re already focused in on the thing that’s bothering you, so just start tapping.

But NOT on the usual set of tapping points.

Tap on the finger points. There are meridian endpoints at the ends of your fingers, just beside your fingernail.

  • Use your right thumb to tap on the inside edge of your right index finger — right beside the fingernail.  It’s a one-handed way to tap.
  • Move on and use your right thumb to tap on that same spot on your right middle finger, ring finger, and pinky.
  • Use your index finger to tap on the side of the thumbnail that’s closest to that finger.
  • To get more bang for your buck, do this with both hands at the same time (if both hands are free).

When to do it:

You can do this just about any time.  Here are some examples:

  • When you’re listening to something unpleasant on the phone
  • When you’re having trouble concentrating
  • When YOU are talking about something that’s upsetting to you
  • When you’re getting out your calendar to record something you don’t want to do

You get the idea.  Just use this technique any time you’re feeling uncomfortable — in whatever way.

Nobody needs to know

One of the greatest things about this finger-tapping is that you can do it while you’re talking to someone.  You’d probably feel a little strange doing all-out EFT in the middle of your face-to-face conversation.

But with finger-tapping, you can be discreet. The other person might wonder why you’ve suddenly become pleasant, or wide awake, but they don’t need to know you’re tapping.

Try one of these ways of keeping it private:

  • Cross your hands behind your back and finger-tap with one of them.
  • Hold your hands in your lap, or below the tablecloth at the table and finger-tap.
  • When you’re standing, just turn a little to the side so one hand is out of view, and start finger-tapping.

Make it a habit


Give yourself a break and finger-tap throughout the day.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel by the time your day winds down.  AND you’ll probably sleep better, too!

Check back here for Everyday EFT Tip #4.

And let me know how this works for you.  What EFT tips have you learned or discovered?  I’d sure love to hear from you.  Whatever you do, keep tapping!

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