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EFT On Your Own — Jump Right In!

I hear a common fear from clients and students — that they’re afraid to try tapping on their own. Maybe you’ve got some of this same hesitation. It might be for different reasons.

Let me address a few of these. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll feel more sure of yourself and be willing to give it a try.

I’m Afraid I Might Do It Wrong

You can’t really do EFT “wrong.” There are ways to tap that get better results than others. That’s true. But you can’t really do it wrong. Follow EFT scripts you’ve printed out to get the idea. Or listen to your Stress Relief audio you downloaded for free when you signed up for my newsletter. Another option: click on EFT-The Basics and print out the instructions for yourself.

I Might Hurt Myself Somehow

EFT only works with the energy that’s in your system. So you can’t put in something that’s not there. True…you might bring something to the surface. But you can’t install something that doesn’t belong. So you can tap along with anybody’s tapping script. If their words don’t fit your life exactly, no big deal! It’s impossible for you to create a new problem by tapping about it.

I Don’t Even Know Where to Start

Start anywhere! What’s bugging you? What’s distracting you from what you want to do? You can tap on that. You could even start with your fear of tapping on your own. Try this:

  • Even though I’m nervous about doing EFT myself, I love myself anyway.
  • Even though I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing, I accept myself and I want to give this a try.
  • Even though I’m afraid to trust myself because I’m new at this, I respect who I am and I want to move forward.

Tapping first round

  • This tapping concern/fear/worry

Next rounds

  • I don’t know what I’m doing.
  • I’m afraid I’ll goof this up.
  • I’m not a practitioner.
  • I can’t do this myself.
  • What if I cause myself problems?
  • I want to let go of these fears.
  • I’m ready to take a chance.
  • I’ve got this tool right here and I want to use it.
  • I’m choosing confidence.
  • I’m feeling calm about this.
  • I choose to make it easy.
  • I’m willing to trust myself.
  • I give myself permission to take a risk.
  • I’m choosing to move forward now.
  • I’m ready to go!

Finish Off with Positives

Thank yourself for your courage. Tap in some affirmations that you DO know what you’re doing. And you want to do this again. Affirm that you get better at EFT every time you do it.

Good for you! Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you. Do you have other doubts or questions? Just ask…

Until next time, keep tapping!

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