EFT - It’s Not An Eraser

September 27, 2008 · Filed Under Energy Healing, Phobias, Self Healing 

EFT eliminates unwanted emotions — and symptoms connected to them.  But it’s not an eraser.

Let me explain what I mean. Say you’re feeling guilty because you haven’t spent enough time with your kids. Using EFT on that guilt will release that heavy load of self-blame. But it won’t erase the INTELLECTUAL regret. That regret is the useful part — the part of the situation you can learn from so you can choose to do something different now.

Here’s another example: Say you’re worried and tense about your grandson who’s learning to drive. EFT can release the tension and the mulling-over and the headache when you think about it. But it won’t eliminate your natural concern that anyone would have for a new driver out in traffic.

See what I mean? Or how about this: You’ve used EFT to eradicate your lifelong heights phobia. Well, that doesn’t erase your common sense! You’ll still exercise normal caution when approaching the edge of a cliff. In the memorable words of EFT Master Lindsay Kenny, “EFT won’t make you stupid!”

When you use EFT to eliminate lasting effects of the trauma, it doesn’t erase the memory of the event. But it unhooks those old feelings associated with the trauma, and therefore the consequences they’re having on your life today.

The GOOD news is that this information might give you the freedom to try EFT on something you thought could result in a problem for you if it were eliminated.

So be certain of what you’re measuring when you finish your session. Is it the unwanted emotion you started with? Thatt can be truly at a zero intensity level, and you’ll still remember the event, or still experience normal compassion and concern.

What’s YOUR experience with this? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment in the box below.


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