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EFT: Losing focus when you’re tapping

With EFT, you may find yourself mentally drifting off while you’re tapping.  Maybe you start thinking about what’s for dinner.  Or maybe another issue grabs your attention.

No need to get upset — it’s really common.  In fact, it can be a natural part of the tapping process.

Why you lose focus:

Usually, it’s because your emotional intensity level has dropped way down.  That’s always good news.  Right?  That means you’re healing your issue.

Sometimes a related issue is now larger than the one you started with it.  It’s figuratively waving its hand, saying “My turn now.  Look at me!”

What to do:

There are simple ways to get back in focus so that you can finish off your original issue.  Don’t settle for halfway — go for zero. 

Here’s what you can do:

  1. First, let go of any frustration or self-blame about losing focus.  It’s a good sign that you’re really clearing something.  Your EFT session is successful.
  2. Stop and write down whatever is calling for your attention.  Let the paper hold it for now, instead of  your mind.
  3.  Intend to re-focus and include that in your setup statement:  Even though a small part of me still has some (problem) and it’s so small that it’s hard to focus, I’m choosing to stay right here with this remaining (problem).  I want to let it ALL go.
  4. Include some focusing language in your tapping:  I’m staying focused on this remaining (problem).  I’m focusing on healing this (problem) completely.

Remember:  It’s your body-mind — your energy system.  You’re in control, so help yourself out when you need it.  And don’t forget to give yourself credit for the great job you’re doing.

What do you think?  Do you have any EFT questions?  Leave a comment here anytime — I’d love to hear from you.

Whatever you do, keep tapping!

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