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EFT for Earth Day

In recognition of Earth Day, a group of EFT practitioners from several countries joined forces to hold a 90-minute TapFest on BlogTalkRadio. This celebration is focused on the positive aspects of what Earth Day is all about. Sometimes it’s easy to weigh in a little heavy on the negative side, isn’t it?

I was honored to be asked to create a tapping script and lead a few rounds of EFT. So here they are for you to tap along with. There’s no set-up necessary — just start tapping in these affirmations. You’re guaranteed to feel better when you’re done:

Your Earth Day EFT Scripts

Eyebrow: I appreciate myself for all the little things I do to help our earth.
Side of Eye: I appreciate others for all they do to help our earth.
Under Eye: I look for opportunities every day to take loving earth actions.
Under Nose: I jump right on those opportunities whenever they show up.
Chin: Iā€™m an earth-loving example to all who know me.
Collarbone: I treat my participation as the lovely gift that it is.
Under Arm: I keep a light heart as I express my earth love with actions.
Top of Head: I am sustained by solid, wonderful, strengthening earth energy.

Eyebrow: I love being a respectful member of the earth community.
Side of Eye: I appreciate and support the wide diversity of nature.
Under Eye: I appreciate and support the wide diversity of viewpoints about earth.
Under Nose: I keep my heart open to those who think differently from me.
Chin: I focus on the goodness of life and all that sustains it.
Collarbone: I lead by example with a gentle voice so I will be heard.
Under Arm: I send out to others the energy and love I want them to show the earth.
Top of Head: I focus on expanding the good that is happening.

Eyebrow: I keep a balance of being informed AND maintaining peace of mind.
Side of Eye: I joyfully support others in their earth-loving efforts.
Under Eye: I express my appreciation to others for even their smallest efforts.
Under Nose: I take special care with children to stay focused on the positive factors.
Chin: I take good care of myself as a precious member of the earth community.
Collarbone: I keep a lightness in my heart to fully experience the joys that earth offers.
Under Arm: I use EFT to stay in balance to so I can give our good earth my best.
Top of Head: I pull this worldwide energy connection into my heart to draw upon anytime.

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