What’s interfering with your success and happiness? Physical problems? Relationship struggles? Unhelpful beliefs? Come take advantage of the group energy and clear your blocks.

Where and when

We’ll meet EVERY WEDNESDAY, 6:00-7:30 PM, starting November 12th.
Come to CLEARING PATHWAYS at 3966 E. PIMA(near Alvernon).
For a map and directions, just click here.

Who can attend?

If you’re a newcomer to EFT, come join us — previous EFT experience isn’t required. You’ll learn the essentials quickly as we go.

The focus will be on DOING EFT together to clear issues.  If you want to learn more about the mechanics and techniques involved, you can attend our workshops or classes.

If you’re familiar with EFT, you’re primed and ready to go! Come take advantage of the collective group energy and outside perspective, and likely release your challenge more quickly.

Do I have to come every week?

We’d love to have you, but you don’t have to come every week. It’s a drop-in group, so there’s no commitment required.

How group EFT works

We’ll focus on one person at a time, all of us tapping together on their issue. Then we’ll move on to another volunteer. You’ll be releasing your OWN blocks even while you’re tapping on another’s issue. This is due to the EFT phenomenon known as “Borrowing Benefits.”

You’ll have the multiplied effect of the group’s energy when we focus on your issue.  That often has the impact of clearing your issue more quickly than if you were tapping alone.

What is “Borrowing Benefits”?

It’s a surprising way to get the most from group EFT, and we’ll use it in our Drop-In Group. You may find it hard to believe until you’ve experienced it.  That said, you can read all about it by clicking here.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is very important. You want to feel free to talk about what’s causing you problems.  Right?  Be assured that confidentiality is a critical groundrule for our meetings.  We’ll ask everyone to make a commitment to never discuss what goes on in our group with outsiders.

What should I bring?

Think of a few issues you’d like to work on. And bring a pen and pad to write on. Grab a snack or light dinner before you come so you’re not running on empty — or distracted by hunger. Bottled water and filtered water on tap will be available for you. Bring your good energy and an open mind, and you’re all set!

What’s the cost?

The fee is $30.00 per 90-minute group. You can pay as you go, or get a discount by paying in advance for four (4) groups for $100.00.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit card, but only online, in advance.

Otherwise, checks and cash are welcome when you come to your group.

To pay now — either for one group session at $30 or for four groups at $100, just click on this button:

Number of Group Sessions

Further questions — and answers

Just call 327-1695 or go to Contact Janet and send me an email.

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday night!