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EFT - Avoiding Childhood Issues

Many people find themselves avoiding working on childhood events and issues. These are some “why”s I hear from clients:

  • That was so long ago. I’ve already dealt with that in therapy.
  • I don’t see what it has to do with me now.
  • I don’t remember much about my childhood. Let’s work on current issues.
  • I’ve gone back to my early 20s. Isn’t that far enough back?
  • I should be over all that by now. I just want to tap on what’s bothering me now.

Darn Good Reasons

Sometimes the reluctance is really fear masquerading as logic. Your protective inner self (who’s doing a great job, by the way!) is scared it’s too painful to go back there. So it creates this avoidance with some darn good reasons.

Or sometimes the resistance is from just not knowing – not realizing how much more helpful it can be to go as far back as you can with EFT.

So Why Bother?

Here’s the deal: Clearing childhood issues can have a larger positive impact on your life than probably anything else you can work on with EFT. It can hugely reduce the time spent tapping on your problems as they show up now. The positive impact of working on early issues shows up in ways you’d never imagine.

To read more about this, click here.

Let’s hear what your experience is with this. Leave a comment any time.

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One Response to “EFT - Avoiding Childhood Issues”

  1. Hi Janet, thanks for this brilliant article. It is amazing the difference clearing childhood issues can make. I have found through my own experience and that of clients that present day anxieties are often replays of our past childhood dramas/traumas and will continue to create the same patterns in the present until they are resolved. Plenty of good reasons for clearing childhood issues.

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