EFT… 81-Year-Old Tries It Herself!

August 24, 2008 · Filed Under EFT Resources, Energy Healing, Self Healing 

Wow!  I got the great news that a woman I showed EFT to  has used it herself with success.  And she’s 81 years old.  I love it!

We’d used it together in an emergency.  She had accidentally eaten some mushrooms, which always cause her terrible stomach pain.  At the restaurant, when we realized what had happened, I asked her to move over in the booth, and tap with me.

We used EFT together and she never had any pain from the mushrooms.  I guess it made a real believer out of her.

Today she let me know she’s been using it on her own for back pain and digestive problems.  It worked!  She’s excited to know she can use it on her own, and I’m delighted to give another person the gift of EFT.

What a great day!  I hope you’re tapping, and sharing it with someone, too.


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