Success with EFT - Acknowledge It

When your EFT session is successful, acknowledge your progress.  Take a bow!  Stand up and be counted!  Whether you used EFT on your own or worked with a practitioner, YOU were the one who let go of something.  So take some credit.  You made the decision to move forward.  You had the courage to venture into the unknown.  And you allowed your body-mind to move closer to its natural state of perfect mental, spiritual and physical health.


I’m all for feeling good, and certainly giving yourself an “atta-girl” feels great.  It produces more healing, as those positive neuropeptides and brain chemicals cascade throughout your system.  But acknowledging each success with EFT is more than that.  It helps in other ways, too.  You’re affirming to your system that this releasing action of EFT is what you want. 


I’m sure there are detailed explanations of how this acknowledging works.  I can’t explain it; I just know that it DOES work to help your system release more quickly as time goes by.  Using EFT is something like using a muscle — the more you use it, the more effective it is.  And recognizing that you’ve been successful in clearing out a problem is like taking notice of how great your workout just was at the gym.  It somehow primes your bodymind for an even better session next time.  Maybe faster; maybe deeper; maybe less painful.  And it increases the chances that you’ll use EFT again.


When you acknowledge your EFT success, you’re building your own history of success and courage.  That’s invaluable for you when a crummy issue surfaces that you may be reluctant to deal with.  If you’ve consciously registered your EFT wins in your memory, you know you can release that stuff.  You don’t have to take someone else’s word for it.  You’ve got it your OWN experience.  It’s a great motivator to clear out some more old junk.


After your session, make a conscious decision to notice little changes in reactions to things, attitude shifts, even physical changes.  They may seem completely unrelated to the issue you worked on.  But we never really know how intertwined our many aspects are, do we?  It can be really astounding to watch what affects what, and what behaviors are connected to what old beliefs or incidents.  Keep an eye out for those, and pay attention to people close to you mentioning what they see.  Acknowledge these shifts, too.


EFT is a fantastic tool.  And skilled EFT practitioners can help you produce some great results.  There’s no denying that.  But YOU’RE the one participating, so give yourself the kudos you’re due.  It will help make your sessions more effective in the future. 

And building your victories account can really help when you need a little extra courage to clear out one of those ugly things that can show up.  You’ve been keeping track of how EFT has worked for you, and the changes that have resulted.  That gives you that extra faith you need that it will work again!