Resisting Tapping – How To Get Over It

So you’ve tried EFT and it works really well for you. But you’re not using it. You intend to. You want to. But somehow you’re not getting around to it. Sound familiar?

Use EFT to Use EFT More Often

You can tap on your resistance to using EFT. You don’t have to analyze it to make use of it. You don’t have to know why. If you do, that’s great — you can tap on that issue, too. But you can just get started in a really easy way.

Keep It Simple

Just follow the usual steps for EFT:

  1. Start out by assessing the intensity of your resistance on a scale of 0 to 10. Write it down.
  2. Repeat your setup 3 times: Even though I have this resistance to tapping, I love and accept myself.
  3. Tap a round of this resistance.
  4. Tap a few rounds of your feelings about resisting — frustration, self-blame, worry, guilt — whatever you’re feeling.
  5. Reassess your intensity. Write down your new number.
  6. Tap a round of remaining resistance.
  7. Tap a few rounds of encouraging statements like these: I’m ready to let go of this resistance. I’m releasing it now. I give myself permission to eliminate it. I’m looking forward to using EFT.
  8. Tap the resistance down to zero. Finish off with some positives, such as: I easily use EFT on any problem. I always clear problems quickly with EFT. I love using this easy tool. I’m choosing the best for myself, and I get there by tapping.

When Tapping Doesn’t Occur To You

Sometimes you don’t even think of EFT as a solution to feeling crummy. You just get caught up in the worry, the anger, the sadness — whatever negative emotion. Tapping hasn’t become a habit yet. It’s only in hindsight that you think, “I could have tapped on that!”

There Is A Solution
There are two ways you can help yourself to have EFT pop up as an option to feeling bad:

  1. Tap in a daily affirmation at a regular time each day. Tie it to a routine morning activity. If you have a spiritual practice, tie it to that. If you exercise each day, tie it to that. If you eat breakfast each day, or start with a cup of coffee, tie it to one of those. Keep it simple. Here are a few suggestions:
    •  I use EFT every day to help myself.
    • Or what about: I tap whenever I’m uncomfortable.
    • Or maybe: Daily EFT keeps me in balance and I love it!   Just keep it real for you — in your own words.
  2. End every EFT session you do with positive statements about EFT.
    • For example: I’m thankful that EFT cleared this issue for me. I use it like this for all my challenges. 
    • Another possibility is:Tapping has worked for me again. I always support myself with EFT. I easily remember to tap for any discomfort.

Positive Reinforcement For Your New Habit

Encourage yourself gently to use EFT more often. Scolding yourself may cause even more subconscious resistance to tapping, so just skip that whole thing.

Acknowledge your successes and the fact that you did something good for yourself. Remind yourself of how quick the process really is. Keep giving yourself positive feedback every time you tap.

All these things will increase the chances that you’ll tap more often.

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