Meridian Tapping Groups-”Borrowing Benefits”

Tapping is such a flexible tool. You can get relief on YOUR issue by tapping on somebody else’s problem. How astounding is that?!?

The way to do it is by “Borrowing Benefits.”

- What is Borrowing Benefits?

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, discovered that when a group tapped together, they would have different issues. That’s pretty natural, right? 

As they all tapped in unison on one person’s problem, though, their own issue decreased in intensity. They “borrowed the benefit” of personal clearing while saying the OTHER person’s words. Remarkable!

- How to do it

Just follow these important steps:

  1. Pick a specific, simple issue you want to tap on — related to the other person’s challenge or not.
  2. Write your issue down.  If you want to, write down some details about it and your feelings associated with it.  That’s optional.
  3. Assess your intensity on your issue (for more specifics, click here.)
  4. Write your number down.
  5. Set your paper aside.
  6. Start tapping along with the other person, saying EXACTLY what they’re saying. You’ll use the same setup statement and all the same tapping phrases they’re using.
  7. When the other person stops to reassess their intensity, go back to your paper with YOUR issue.  Re-evaluate your own intensity level on your own issue.
  8. Write your new number down.
  9. Return to tapping along with them, repeating their words.

That’s it!  It’s that simple.  It may not make logical sense, but it works.  So give it a try.

- Why use Borrowing Benefits?

Well, why not?  Different opportunities can come up where this is a great option.  Here are some examples:

  • You’re in a group tapping session or a meridian tapping class, and someone else is the focus.
  • You’re watching a DVD of someone else tapping.
  • You’re listening to an audio you can tap along with.
  • You’re guiding someone else in a tapping session.

- A few last thoughts on the subject

Resist temptation to substitute your own words.  If you try to split the focus of your energy like that, you’ll likely lose out on benefits altogether.

You may get total relief from your issue when Borrowing Benefits, or you may get only partial relief.   It often depends on how high your intensity is when you begin.

Look at it this way:  You got a good start.  You can finish off the issue (bring it down to a zero intensity) later on your own.

Let me know about your success with Borrowing Benefits. I’d love to hear from you.