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Allow Pop-ups? Side Issues Showing Up During EFT

Once you’re into a tapping session, it’s not unusual for another issue to show up — something a little different from what you started with.

Always A Good Thing

It may not feel pleasant (unwanted emotions seldom do). But the way I look at it, any issue showing up always give you more information about yourself and what you’d be better off without. Right? So the appearance of a new issue during an EFT session is always good news.

Temporary Issues

One version of pop-up issues are temporary ones. They show up by seeming to pile on to what your’e already tapping on. The key word here is “seeming.” It’s an illusion that they’re really a part of your original issue.

Suddenly your intensity number can seem to go up, even when it’s been steadily dropping. These are just temporary issues. Let me explain what I mean by giving a few examples.

New Fear

A new business owner was tapping away concerns about marketing staff who were doing initial website, logo and startup work. His concerns were that they might mess everything up. The business would never get off the ground. We were tapping and his intensity number was steadily dropping.

Suddenly his emotional intensity went up. With a little questioning, we found the cause was fear about supervising future office staff. This was a brand new fear. It clearly wasn’t the original issue we were tapping on. So the intensity number didn’t apply to our original issue.

And this new fear only appeared because of new possibilities opening up — possibilities he could now see because his marketing startup fears were disappearing. So we acknowledged that he was definitely moving forward. Progress can wear some uncomfortable disguises, can’t it? A part of him was already down the road, visualizing the business and up and running with office staff on board. Excellent!

We wrote down the new fear so we could check back on it later. Then we continued to tap down the original issue to zero. When we checked back on the office staff fear, it was gone! Strictly a temporary issue.

Hindsight Sadness

Another pop-up issue I see frequently is sudden sadness. Again, this usually shows up when the intensity on the original issue has dropped quite a bit. Here’s an example of how this works:

A musician was tapping on concerns about an upcoming performance. We were using EFT to release fears, lack of confidence and self-blame about not preparing well enough.

We’d made a lot of progress, when suddenly her emotional intensity number went up. This was another case of a new emotion showing up, but this time it was sorrow. Just showed up out of the blue. She was feeling really sad that she’d been blaming herself and thought of all the times in the past when she’d done the same thing.

So we did the same routine: Acknowledge that this shows progress — right? If she hadn’t let go of the self-blame, she couldn’t be looking back in hindsight at it. And there wouldn’t be room to have that compassion for herself. Guilt and shame and scolding herself would still be crowding it out.

So once again we stopped to realize she’s seriously moving towards being completely clear of the original issue. Great!

Next we wrote down that sadness, so we could come back to it. Then we continued tapping on the original concerns and feelings about the performance — down to zero. When we checked back on that sadness, it was gone, too. Another temporary issue.

Other Types of Side Issues

There are definitely pop-up issues that are NOT temporary. But that’s another story….. Stay tuned for another post on that.

In the meantime, what’s your experience? How do you deal with these extra issues that show up during EFT? Let’s hear your side of the story, too — in the comments area below.

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