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Affirmations with EFT

Using EFT is an easy way to ramp up the strength of your affirmations.  Some people say it’s like doing “affirmations on steroids.”  It’s a really powerful practice, however you look at it.

If you’re already saying affirmations, it takes no extra time — just add tapping.  If you’re NOT saying affirmations as part of your self-healing, why don’t you consider it?  It feels really good and can be a great way to add to your other practices.

Affirmations are simply positive sentences.  They can be reminders of good things that are already going on for you.  Or they can be about something you intend to have. 

State them in the present tense — the now.  Begin the sentence with “I …”  An example is, “I easily use EFT everyday to help myself.”  Another is, “I’m taking loving care of my body, mind and spirit.”

Some people think EFT is only good for clearing out unwanted emotions and beliefs — those negative blocks.  It’s the best tool on the planet for that. 

But it’s also great for watering the seeds of your positive beliefs and goals.  That’s where the affirmations come in.  If you’re using Choices in your EFT practice, you’ve already tapped in some affirmations.   Experienced or not, you could start using affirmations with EFT right now.  

Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose some affirmations to use.  Write them yourself, or borrow them from another source.
  • Write or type out your list. 
  • Choose a permanent location for the list so you can find it.  You could post it by your mirror, keep it with your journal, keep a copy in your Day-Timer or glove box — be creative!
  • Read your list out loud while you tap. 
  • Say your affirmations with enthusiasm.
  • Move around the tapping points.
  • Change points at the end of a phrase or an affirmation.
  • Super-charge your lsit by including some gratitude statements.

Tapping in affirmations is a great way to start your morning.  It’s also a good stress-reliever if you find yourself all wound up during the day. 

For double benefit, make it a twice-a-day thing and do it in the morning AND evening.  But here’s an important note:  Some people become more alert from tapping.  So don’t do EFT just before bed, unless you know it’s not a problem for you.  Tap in your affirmations after dinner.  Or during your evening walk.  Or even during a TV commercial break.

I hope you’ll give this a try.  It feels so good!  And let me know how it works for you.  I’d love to hear your experiences and comments.  Or if you’ve got an EFT question for me, ask it!

Until next time….keep on tapping!

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