Clearing Pathways

EFT - Tapping for Self Healing

About Janet

Who I am

Janet HiltsDoing this work is what I love! Watching people’s lives transform is such a privilege and honor. I’m constantly astounded at what we accomplish together.

And we actually have FUN doing it! I love to laugh with my clients. Maybe what brought us together is serious or painful. I’m not denying that.

But with EFT, the healing doesn’t have to be painful. Humor is a big part of my practice. It’s so great to gently help people enjoy the process. No need to suffer — I’m sure we’ve all suffered enough!

I’m positive that the essence of who we are — our naturally health, happy self – is alive and well.  It might be buried under some protective layers, but it’s there.  I know it!  All we have to do is to uncover it. There’s really nothing mysterious about it — nothing woo-woo or esoteric.

We each have the ability to do this. It doesn’t take magic or membership in some secret, elite group. It just takes firing up our own inborn healing system.

All we need to do is to activate and maximize that self-healing process — crank up that engine to work the best it can. And EFT can do that!

I’ve used EFT to seriously transformed my own life to be the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.  I’m practical and love instant gratification.  So I want the fastest, most effective, painless method to achieve what I want — for myself and others.   And practicing EFT is the best way I’ve found to do it.

That’s why I keep learning all I can about EFT, from all kinds of sources.  So I’m constantly studying, improving my skills, and then using these advanced techniques with my clients.  And I’ve developed my own unique style – using my life experience, intuition and other skills to bring my best to people I work with.

My Credentials

  • Level 3 EFT Practitioner
  • Completion of Advanced Certificate Course in EFT
  • Studies under two EFT Masters
  • Masters of Public Health in health education
  • B.A. in communication
  • Coaching training