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January 2009

EFT – Out Of Control Is The Goal

by Janet on January 28, 2009

“You need to control your anger.” How many times have you heard that? Or what about, “Get ahold of yourself. You need to calm down.” Have you ever been crying and felt like you need to get yourself under control? Emotions being out of control is seen to be a bad thing — socially unacceptable.
You [...]


Tapping in its standard form is a remarkably fast way to release old issues — much faster than other types of therapy. And EFT works really quickly to eliminate fears and unhelpful beliefs, too. You can work with these issues and obstacles one at a time and get great, lasting results.
But did you know there [...]


Spiritual Beliefs and EFT

by Janet on January 13, 2009

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual and/or religious beliefs are — EFT can work with them. In fact, it doesn’t matter WHAT you believe. Tapping works, even if you don’t believe it can.
Complete Compatibility
Tappers around the world use EFT, regardless of their faith or the principles they believe in. Although its effects can be felt [...]


EFT – Avoiding Childhood Issues

by Janet on January 12, 2009

Many people find themselves avoiding working on childhood events and issues. These are some “why”s I hear from clients:

That was so long ago. I’ve already dealt with that in therapy.
I don’t see what it has to do with me now.
I don’t remember much about my childhood. Let’s work on current issues.
I’ve gone back to my [...]

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EFT – Who Needs A Practitioner?

by Janet on January 5, 2009

EFT is a great self healing tool. Your day-to-day life can be much more pleasant, tapping as you go. If you’re annoyed at traffic, improve your drive by tapping (use one hand only, please!) on “this annoying traffic” or “this road rage,” depending on how bad it really is.
Or if you wake up anxious, you [...]


EFT – Eliminate Your Resistance to Using It

by Janet on January 3, 2009

So you’ve tried EFT and it works really well for you. But you’re not using it. You intend to. You want to. But somehow you’re not getting around to it. Sound familiar?
Use EFT to Use EFT More Often
You can tap on your resistance to using EFT. You don’t have to analyze it to make use [...]