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November 2008

Affirmations with EFT

by Janet on November 28, 2008

Using EFT is an easy way to ramp up the strength of your affirmations.  Some people say it’s like doing “affirmations on steroids.”  It’s a really powerful practice, however you look at it.
If you’re already saying affirmations, it takes no extra time — just add tapping.  If you’re NOT saying affirmations as part of your self-healing, why [...]


EFT in your own voice

by Janet on November 24, 2008

EFT is designed to give you emotional freedom.  And it’s a quick route to reach that destination.  There are two ways EFT gets you there:  through tapping and through words.
Tapping follows certain maps of points.  Words follow certain patterns.  But inside those patterns, you’ve got lots of options.  So choose the option that works best:  [...]


EFT: Losing focus when you’re tapping

by Janet on November 21, 2008

With EFT, you may find yourself mentally drifting off while you’re tapping.  Maybe you start thinking about what’s for dinner.  Or maybe another issue grabs your attention.
No need to get upset — it’s really common.  In fact, it can be a natural part of the tapping process.
Why you lose focus:
Usually, it’s because your emotional intensity [...]


Tapping while you work out

by Janet on November 17, 2008

Using EFT to boost your physical health is so easy!  I used it at the gym today — like I do every time I go.  You can use it when you’re walking or running, too.
EFT at the gym
Any time you have one hand free, you can finger-tap.  On the treadmill, using leg machines, sitting on [...]


Tapping in advance can make meeting with a challenging person a whole new experience. Why spoil your morning letting someone else get on your nerves? With a few minutes of tapping, the outcome can be much more pleasant.
Make it a SMALL deal
You may have a backlog of issues about the person. Maybe it’s a family [...]


Remember that last meeting when you struggled to pay attention? The lecture that bored you to tears?
How about listening to your lonely neighbor repeat the story for the seventh time? Have you bitten your tongue when your in-laws come to visit?
All of us encounter situations that make us uncomfortable — maybe frustrated, impatient, disinterested — [...]


Everyday EFT – Tip #2: Tapping to remember

by Janet on November 4, 2008

Ever strain to remember somebody’s name?  EFT can help. 
What was that movie title?  Who did you loan that book to?  What did you walk to the shed for?  Tapping can bring you the answer. 
There’s a part of you that knows, and you CAN put your finger on it — in fact, put all of your fingers [...]


Ever lose your keys?  Can’t remember where you put them down? 
With EFT, you can use your inner GPS to direct you there.  Really! And it doesn’t take long.
You can take an EFT shortcut.  Chances are you don’t want to spend a bunch of time here anyway.  Right? 
So don’t bother measuring your intensity level.  And skip [...]