*Speak Up & Shine*

Imagine being comfortable whenever you speak…. as relaxed with business speaking as you are at your kitchen table.

Do you know that ability is already inside you? You only need to uncover it – to open up and let out your real, authentic voice. Because that’s what connects people with you and your business.

You don’t have to become someone else to do this. You don’t have to learn new speaking techniques and presentation skills.

You simply need to step out from behind those inner blocks that keep you from speaking up.

And I am here to make that easy for you. I’m Janet Hilts and I can help you quickly and confidently bring your own voice into your business — to get the exposure and opportunities you need.


Here’s what SpeakUp coaching did for this consultant:

“I had hit a ceiling where I was having success and been in business a long time, but couldn’t pass a certain point. I was very scattered and had no idea what I wanted to do next. I also did not have the ability to face other people very well. It was extremely painful.
Our sessions changed my whole life! I don’t need to hide out anymore. So my level of confidence and self esteem has gone from 0 to 50. In business you need to get out in front of people, and I have the confidence to do it now. As a result, I’m exposed to more opportunities and have more confidence to make clear decisions for my business. Getting rid of those blocks has changed my focus, my determination, my confidence level – all of those things. There’s just no price tag you can put on that — what we did in a really short span of time. “ –Katie Griffin, Home-Based Business Creator

Let’s face it: Even if you’re steam-rolling through your anxiety, potential clients can’t get a sense of the REAL you — or what you have to offer. They feel your tension.

And if you’re avoiding speaking situations altogether, they’ll never even know you exist!

When you discover how to speak up and shine, imagine how your business will take off:

  • People will immediately “get” who you are and what you offer.
  • They’ll trust you quickly and want to do business with you.
  • You’ll easily jump on chances to get your message out there – networking, teleseminars, workshops, online writing, videos….
  • New opportunities will open up as you come out of hiding.


Where do you need to get comfortable? Which settings are you ready to shine in?

Chatting Them Up

  • one-on-one: phone calls, conversations with clients, vendors, potential business partners
  • small groups: mastermind groups, classes, coaching groups
  • networking: meetings, events

It’s Showtime!

  • presentations and workshops
  • speaking on stage as solo speaker
  • event speaker among many speakers

Shine Online

  • audio: recordings, teleseminars, radio
  • video: recordings, live video/TV
  • online writing: blogging, social media

Read how SpeakUp coaching helped this doctor:

I was putting off contacting people. Coaching with Janet really took away the concern. Instead of procrastinating, it made it easy for me to do it. Within an hour I had several good contacts that I made just by calling — very productive contacts I’m still using. These were calls I had been intending to make for months.

I was also concerned about networking. I had a lot of reasons in my head why it wouldn’t work: They wouldn’t want to talk to me, they’re too busy, and I wouldn’t know what to say or how to say it. I’d get myself worked up that maybe I shouldn’t even be starting this clinic. Tapping helped release those concerns, so I ended up not even thinking about those things when I was talking to people. I’m still networking, and feeling confident doing it and enjoying it. I get good responses because of my increased confidence. – Dr. Elizabeth H., Physician

We’ll address YOUR specific needs to help expand your business.

In your free 15-minute consultation, we’ll discuss best options to get your voice out to the world.

Invest in yourself and your business with the option that is best for you:

Option A:
5-session package (80-minute sessions) for $847 (a $975 value)

Option B:
3-session package (80-minute sessions) for $497 (a $585 value)

Option C:
Single Session (80 minutes) $195


All coaching is available via telephone. You will assume responsibility for any long distance charges. A recording of all phone session will be provided in downloadable MP3 format within 24 hours of the session.


Here’s what SpeakUp coaching did for this life coach:

I have been privileged to have been a speaker and workshop presenter over the past 20+ years both on the national and international level. I usually had the pre-speaking jitters but once into my topic my passion took over and everything flowed. For some reason in the past 12 months, I’ve been reluctant to face a live audience and balked at scheduling speaking presentations. In meeting Janet and talking with her, I knew that she could help me discover the root cause of my fear of speaking in public again and with her energy tools eliminate the fear. After one session over the phone with Janet, I immediately felt the confidence return to start contacting groups to set up speaking engagements. Recently a colleague asked to interview me and I said “yes’ without hesitation. Thank you Janet! - Colleen M. Crook, Life & Leadership Coach,

Scheduling Your Session

Please call me at 520-327-1695 or email me at [email protected] to set your appointment time.
Once we’ve scheduled your session, you’ll receive an information packet by email. This will include a brief form for you to complete. You’ll also get a diagram of the tapping points and a full explanation of how our session will go.

Read what SpeakUp coaching opened up for this bodyworker:

It was about being understood and not being able to communicate in an effective manner so that I could get my point across. Working with you has totally decreased all that stuff. It’s given me a huge capacity just to be who I am. I’m more receptive, more open, more available. I feel totally confident.

It’s radically changed my ability to speak my truth and to speak my mind with the sensitivity of whom I’m talking to and the arena that I’m speaking in. It’s made a huge difference when I’m dealing with difficult people. It feels like there’s a broader scope of possibilities.

There is something about you that I trusted and that meant that I didn’t have to hold back. I spent years going to different classes and forums and haven’t ever been able to get to the issues I got to with you in very few sessions. I had spent thousands of dollars – in the $20 to $30,000 range – easily! It’s probably more. I don’t even want to think about it. – Susan Harris, Body Worker


Cancellation Policy

The time set aside for your appointment is reserved just for you and cannot be replaced. If you need to cancel or reschedule our session, please give 24 hours notice is to avoid being charged for the session time.


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